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Imagine hearing your students exclaim, "Math is really cool!" instead of the all-too-familiar refrain, "I'm not good at math." This highly collaborative workshop is designed for educators who are ready to make this paradigm shift happen by embracing an Experiential, Mathematical Mindset. In it, we will model the principles of design thinking as we explore the elements of High-Quality Project-Based Learning and other proven, experiential approaches that help students make routine, real-world connections to key mathematical concepts. Every participant will co-design a customized Experiential Math Mindset strategy for their own classroom and context - one that leverages local assets, while "shrinking the change" toward learner-centered strategies that enhance student engagement, build durable skills (e.g., critical thinking, problem-solving, collaboration, etc.), and boost mathematical confidence. Join us at NCCAT as we transform the way math is taught and learned, creating an empathetic, asset-based environment where every student sees renewed joy, wonder, and connections in the math they experience in school, as well as in real life. This program is designed for 6-12 math teachers.


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Designing Experiential Math Mindsets
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